Chip Toner PARA Samsung CLP-610 CLP-610ND CLP-610N CLP-660 CLP-660N CLP-660ND CLX-6200 CLX-6200FX CLX-6200ND CLX-6210 CLX-6210FX

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yz450f 2011 brake

toner chip refill kits for Samsung CLP-Y6660A/CLP-610N/660N/CLX6200/6210/6240/CLP-610ND/660ND/CLX6200FX/6210FX/6240FX/CLP-660

notice:the product is not original product from Samsung company but the compatible new product without brand from NPC


chips toner chip

2.printer:toner chip for Samsung CLP-610/CLP-610ND/CLP-610N/CLP-660/CLP-660N/CLP-660ND/CLX-6200/CLX-6200FX/

CLX-6200ND/CLX-6210/CLX-6210FX/CLX-6240/CLX-6240FX chip

3.yield:BK-5.5K/2.5K CMY-5K/2K

4.version:new chip

5.color:BKCMY chip

6.NPC wechat/whatsapp/mobile:0086-13576261899 is for reference


9.1set=1black+1Cyan+1Magenta+1yellow Product information

printer model cartridge code Color page version for Samsung CLP-610/CLP-610ND/CLP-610N/CLP-660/CLP-660N/CLP-660ND/CLX-6200/CLX-6200FX/

CLX-6200ND/CLX-6210/CLX-6210FX/CLX-6240/CLX-6240FX CLP-K660B Black 5.5K


MEA/CIS/CHN(Multi-regions) CLP-C660B Cyan 5K CLP-M660B Magenta 5K CLP-Y660B Yellow 5K CLP-K660A Black 2.5K CLP-C660 A Cyan 2K CLP-M660 A Magenta 2K CLP-Y660 A Yellow 2K

Basic information


Strict quality testing for quality control, defective rate less than 0.3%.


100% return and 1:1 replacement if any defecitve

OEM service

Develop chips based on the used OEM chips you provided


All our chips are newest firmare(version), and free of patent problem


I .Firware:

All our chips are newest firmare(version), and free of patent problem

II .Note when install chips:

Please don?t install chips when the toner is lower ( or toner is not full,or when there is much the waste toner powder ).And install the chip when the electric power is turn off!

II .The best Installation of chips: 1.Take out the related cartridge which need to replace chip.

2.Cleaning the cartridge and refill toner powder.Warning: the machine will

be destroyed when the toner powder is lower or without powder.

3.Put the new chip inside, please pay attention to the direction when take

out the old chip.

4.Please don't install the cartridge immediately, close the cover, turn on

the machine.

5.After the red light flash,the machine will show that no cartridge installed,

then put the cartridge into the machine.Warning:Please don't turn off the

electrical power on the process of installation. 6.Warning

If all new chips are installed when there a lack of toner it'll easily lead to the results below.

1).falling short of initial capacity

2).lack of printing pages 3).destroying the chips Packaging & Shipping

Product picture To refill the toner powder and change the new chip like below: Company Information

NPC Prouction Line For Chip:

About NPC

Contact NPC

NPC Certifications

NPC Registration Certifications with Chinese customs and government for export right and export enterprise identification number :

NPC fair/exhibition/expo Certifications for 2012 business-inform in Russia and 2012 Recharge-East EXPO in Indonesia:

ISO9001 Certificate

ISO14001 Certificate

Fair picture

Following are the exhibition fair we have attended :

Other Models related products as follows:

Toner Chips /Opc Drum /Toner Powder /Doctor Blade/ Wiper blade/ Mag Roller/ Developer Roller/Transfer Roller/PCR/Toner cartridge/Ink/ Ink cartridge

color toner cartridge chips,black toner cartridge chips, mono toner cartridge chips,fax toner cartridge chips, copy toner cartridge chips,compatible color toner cartridge chips,compatible black toner cartridge chips

Other related toner chip:

Estrutura Cartucho De Toner
related keyword for printer/copier/MFP Toner Chip FOR Samsung CLP-610 CLP-610ND CLP-610N
cor/cor Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow chips for compatible new toner cartridge
NPC embalagem Pacote Individual de cada peça, com saco anti-estático/embalagem a granel
Nome Da Marca NoEnName_Null
rendimento por página/page/Capacidade de impressão de vida BK-5500/2500 cmy-5000/2000 Pages with 5% coverage toner chips
impressora/copiadora/MFP compatibilidade do Modelo FOR Samsung CLP-610N/660N/CLX6200/6210/6240/CLP-610ND/660ND/CLX6200FX
Origem CN(Origem)
toner MODELO de cartucho/toner OEM código CLP-K660B/CLP-C660B/M660B/CLP-Y6660B/CLP-K660A/CLP-C660A/M660A/Y6660A
Equipamento Aplicável Multi-funcional Impressora
Tipo Cartucho De Chip
impressora/copiadora/MFP/photocoier modelo FOR Samsung CLP-610N/660N/CLX6200/6210/6240/CLP-610ND/660ND/CLX6200FX
Número Do Modelo FOR Samsung CLP-610N/660N/CLX6200/6210/6240/CLP-610ND/660ND/CLX6200FX
recurso para impressora/copiadora/MFP Toner Chip FOR Samsung CLP-610 CLP-610ND CLP-610N
NPC de Certificação ISO9001/ISO14001/UKAS/CNAS/MSDS/CO/CE/SGS/CQC
tipo de produto para a impressora/copiadora/MFP novos chips, contábil chips, compatível com chips, repor fichas, recarga de fichas

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